Baby Are You On Googles Spammer Hit List?

Yep, maybe I’m on that list, too.  Many accidental spammers are on Google’s radar these days. Gone is the time when we would get away with lot’s of duplicate content out there in the web-o-shpere.

One of the big ways to get on Google’s Spammer hit list is to have your content pinged by too many pinging services.  This causes too many duplicate pings, a red flag to Google since their Panda update, cracking down on too much poor quality duplicate content out there.

A ping is an alert sent out to search engines to let them know that you have published new content on your site and that their search engine bots also known as “spiders” visit your blog and index the new content.

WordPress is set up to automatically…

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Blogger, coffee loving wife, mom, grandma, crunchy mama, herbalist, wellness advocate, accidental small-town homesteader, home business coach and lover of all things pertaining to online marketing. Oh… and crazy about backyard chickens!
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